About Us

Tiffany Snyder is the face behind Fourth Dimension Photo. She is an up and coming photographer located in Amsterdam, NY.

With a passion for Urban Exploring and portraiture, she can find a style to meet anyone’s needs. 

A photographer, Taylor Jackson of A Photographer In, did a wonderful job explaining why we might photograph abandoned places. Because when we visit, and preserve these places, we learn something, we see how history once was, we are how life once was, and we see how the earth can easily take back what is hers, when there ceases to be no people. It is, in its own right, beautiful.

My goal in life is to capture the beauty of these remnants. The story behind the name, Fourth Dimension Photo, is that the fourth dimension is time. I capture time, or a place that stood still in time. Even when I photograph people, I photograph time, the time in the person’s life, a time they will never get back.